Interview with Emiliano Rodriguez (2004)

Emiliano Rodriguez was a complete stranger to me until I came across his website in 2004, which was both refreshing and plain simple. I’m sure most of you would have loved it. Another oddity is that he’s from Argentina, not the most typical country you hear about in big gossip-magazines. For me, reasons enough to ask him a few questions, the answers can be read underneath. This interview appeared in Vacuum! Magazine in 2004.

Hello Emiliano, how’s life in Argentia? Can you give us a brief introduction on who you are and what your main-activities involve?
Emiliano: Hi Thomas! Well… it is not easy to live in Argentina nowadays in terms of social, economic and political situation. We are trying to come up from a very deep crisis caused by years of political corruption. But I think this “enviroment” activates some kind of movement in people… sometimes desperation brings up creativity.
Who am I? I’m a man passionate with images. My main professional activity is web and brand design but I’m also very involved in photography. I love to travel, to know new cultures, new people and I love to have a visual record of things that happen to me during my trips. I hope that some day I can come up with a good photography project where I can mix travelling, photography and design.

As you state on your website, you’ve won several awards. Can you name us your favourite, or just the feelings this gives you, knowing that your work is highly appreciated all over the world…
Emiliano: I don’t really have a favorite, but I can tell you that it’s very refreshing to know that some great designers/non-designers appreciate my work.
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Interview with Jon Burgerman

Jon Burgerman is a UK artist, living in the USA. During my time for Vacuum! Magazine (2004),  I had the chance to ask him a number of questions. Find out more about him through the links below the interview.

Hello Jon. Please, introduce yourself to the Burgerman-loving crowd. Who are you and how do you fill your days?
Jon: Hello, I fill my days with bouts of doodling, snoozing and staring out of the window. Intersperse between these activities is a lot of emailing, trawling of the internet and drinking strong tea.

You have a very pleasant website. In fact, I know a lot of youngsters (as in very young) who really like the idea too. Have you made the website yourself completely?
Jon: Over the last few years I’ve been piecing it together with my basic knowledge of Flash. It’s got a bit out of hand and has taken on a life of it’s own – sometimes I check it to see if anything’s changed before remembering I’m the one who has to update it. I’m glad people like it, it’s hopefully a fun and enjoyable way to take a peek at my work and pass a few minutes.

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Interview with Denis Dulude from 2Rebels (2004)

Old interview with Denis Dulude from 2Rebels, coming out of vacuum! magazine. Denis is a magnificent graphic designer with a keen eye and expertise in typography.

Hello Denis! Comment ça va? Please tell us what 2Rebels is and what is your role in it ….
Denis: 2Rebels is a digital type foundry founded in 1995. I’m the founder, president, one of the designer, the cleaning lady, and garbage man of the foundry. I also have 3 partners: Fabrizio Gilardino (designer and font copy detective), Suzanne Baril (administrative) and Pol Baril (photographer and supporter).

When I think of typography and font-catalogues, the name ‘2Rebels’ immediately pops up in my mind. Why is this? Has 2Rebels a history of spreading superb fonts, or is it the result of a succesfull advertisment-campaign?
Denis: Thanks, you are too nice. I hope both. Thanks to our distributors, our catalogue has, I think, a large distribution and I (we) love designing them. It was (in 1995) one of the reason 2Rebels was founded. An experimental platform to design without any frustrating (or frustrated) clients at the other end. A stress free environment.

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Interview with Gideon Baws (RIP 2008) from Shynola

Old interview (2004) with Gideon Baws for vacuum! magazine. Gideon was one of 4 persons that started Shynola. Shynola is a UK based creative collective. Unfortunately, Gideon passed away in 2008, but he leaves a number of very fine creations behind.

Hello Gideon! Please enlighten us. Who are you and what is your purpose on this planet?
Gideon: If I knew that, I would be more successful. I make videos, and so far it looks like that is what I am good for. Though I can cook ok too…

What’s a Shynola?
Gideon: A four headed contrary video excreting mammal.

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Interview met Jonas Geirnaert

In 2004 heeft Jonas Geirnaert een korte animatiefilm op het publiek losgelaten, Flatlife. De film was onmiddellijk een succes, en won de prijs van de jury in Cannes. Hieronder kan je het interview terugvinden met Jonas voor vacuum! magazine uit 2004.
Sorry, interview in het Engels … 

Hello Jonas! I’m sure you run a very busy life, so first of all, thank you for the chance to ask you a few questions. Tell me, how does it feel to become famous all over Europe (and the USA too by now probably) in a matter of weeks?

Jonas: Err… I don’t really know what I feel right now. Of course I’m really happy with the prize and all, and happy for the reactions I got about that and my short speech on the Cannes stage. But then again, I was totally exhausted after two years of hard work that became ever more hectic towards the festival, and when some newspapers started writing things about me that were simply not true, I kinda lost all confidence in the media. Well, not all confidence, but it’s hard to know who you can trust or not. So I cancelled most of my interviews and I only make exceptions for students that make online magazines. 🙂

One of the weirdest experiences was that right now, people recognize me when I walk down the street. I was in a pub the other day, and a group of people asked me ‘Are you Jonas Geirnaert?’ and when I said yes, they started applauding. I was happy and embarrased at the same time.

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Vacuum! Magazine

Oorspronkelijk begonnen in 2003-2004 als eindwerk bij mijn opleiding Multimedia & Communicatie Technologie aan het PIH (Kortrijk): Vacuum! Magazine. Een online portaalsite voor en door multimedia & webdesign fanatiekelingen.
Het initiële plan was om het project verder te zetten na het afstuderen. Echter, zodra de punten binnen waren en de eerste job zich aanbood, is dit project een stille dood gestorven.

Gelukkig echter voor de oude back-up die ik zonet teruggevonden heb, inclusief een vlaag van nostalgie.

Wat kon je toen terugvinden op de site? Artikels, reviews en interviews met (bijvoorbeeld) 2Rebels, Design Is Dead, CUCU, Emiliano Rodriguez, Jonas Geirnaert, Jon Burgerman, Milk and Cookies, r-a-n-d-o-m, Shynola, Steven Derthoo, Studio Middas, WhyDoYouWork en veel meer …