Interview with Denis Dulude from 2Rebels (2004)

Old interview with Denis Dulude from 2Rebels, coming out of vacuum! magazine. Denis is a magnificent graphic designer with a keen eye and expertise in typography.

Hello Denis! Comment ça va? Please tell us what 2Rebels is and what is your role in it ….
Denis: 2Rebels is a digital type foundry founded in 1995. I’m the founder, president, one of the designer, the cleaning lady, and garbage man of the foundry. I also have 3 partners: Fabrizio Gilardino (designer and font copy detective), Suzanne Baril (administrative) and Pol Baril (photographer and supporter).

When I think of typography and font-catalogues, the name ‘2Rebels’ immediately pops up in my mind. Why is this? Has 2Rebels a history of spreading superb fonts, or is it the result of a succesfull advertisment-campaign?
Denis: Thanks, you are too nice. I hope both. Thanks to our distributors, our catalogue has, I think, a large distribution and I (we) love designing them. It was (in 1995) one of the reason 2Rebels was founded. An experimental platform to design without any frustrating (or frustrated) clients at the other end. A stress free environment.

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