Mijn aanbevelingen

“Gedurende mijn project binnen Napoleon Games heb ik Thomas leren kennen als een heel joviale, gedreven en vooral mensgerichte manager. Zijn warme persoonlijkheid en grondige kennis zorgden ervoor dat hij heel sterk werd geapprecieerd binnen het team en bedrijf als dusdanig. Het is dan ook met heel veel plezier dat ik met Thomas heb mogen samenwerken vanuit mijn rol binnen HR.”

Bram Vergote, Talent Acquisition & Performance Officer, Napoleon Games NV

“Thomas is an experienced, motivated and hard working (project) manager. He recognizes the value of a great team and takes the time to talk and motivate the people to bring their a-game every day.”

“Thomas is a dedicated, hard-working professional with outstanding project management skills, empathic people skills and a can-do mentality assuring the jobs gets done.”

“Thomas is a great manager with vision, swiftly making many small changes that make a huge difference for the company and all employees, while staying focussed on the long-term goals. On top of that, he has excellent people skills, motivating people to get better at what they like to do, and is always eager to help solve any issues that pop up. I’ve worked with Thomas for about 18 months, and would love to work with him again!”

“It has been a pleasure to work with Thomas in the past year and a half. Thomas has proven to be a teamleader based on a peoplecentric approach. He’s a strong motivator who takes responsibility but, above all, gives responsibility to his colleagues so they can grow. But most importantly. On top of the highly skilled Teamleader/Projectmanager which Thomas is, he is also a very kind person with exceptional people skills.”

“Thomas is a great people manager, motivates the team and knows how to handle pressure. He provides structure and clean communication. He focus rather on the positive points and stimulates you to keep improving yourself.”

“Thomas is a leader who succeeds in motivating people to see the bigger picture that an organization is. He’s a good people manager who will challenge you to make better decisions, but giving you the freedom to come up with the solution yourself. Thomas always has a moment to listen and exchange thoughts, address concerns or lead you or your project in the right direction. If you have an organization that needs to change, Thomas is a professional that will lead this change with passion and a constant eye for the desired result and postive morale of all stakeholders. I also welcomed all project methodology coaching that Thomas had to give, presenting a conceptual framework that is necessary to guide projects in the right direction and doing so consistently.”

“Thomas was an excellent manager with a clear vision of where he wanted to go with his department. Thomas has a hands on mentality (he “gets shit done”) and knows how to motivate his teams. His door was always open to us if we had concerns but at the same time he managed to subtly challenge us. I would love to work with Thomas again. A great captain for your ship.”

“I have worked with Thomas during more that a year and a half. Saying Thomas is driven by his passion is an understatement. He is a goal oriented development manager able to lead and motivate a team to develop quality software. He’s your man if you need to turn a project in a proper direction!”

Geert Van Landeghem, Head of BI, Napoleon Games NV

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Thomas for the past 2,5 years. Thomas is a responsible strategist, highly motivated project manager with the ability to make good, sometimes bold decisions. He always takes care of the job and works hard!”

Joeri Beirens, Datacenter and Infrastructure Management, Wimi Online BVBA

“Thomas is a motivator for all the people he works with. A skillfull people manager with strong interest in change management. Thomas knows the way to narrow the gap between people and projects. A continuous learner with an excellent problem solving attitude.”

“Thomas is a people manager that knows how and when to motivate, with the right philosophy for how to manage teams and projects. Thomas’s no-nonsense approach has motivated me endlessly, and I’m happy to say I worked with him.”

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