The Culture Game – Tools For the Agile Manager door Daniel Mezick

THE CULTURE GAME is your tutorial and reference guide for creating lasting business agility in your organization. This is the handbook for managers who want to rapidly develop a culture of learning inside their teams. THE CULTURE GAME book provides you with specific tools and techniques to help your teams (and the entire enterprise) rapidly respond to change. THE CULTURE GAME describes 16 patterns of team-learning behavior, distilled from Agile software development. This book provides the tools to socialize these ideas throughout your organization. THE CULTURE GAME book is your tutorial and reference guide for scaling the Agile mindset from software teams to the wider enterprise.

 This 70 page mini-book is excerpted from the full book, The Culture Game (Freestanding Press. May, 2012) and is available through Amazon in either print or Kindle editions. This free mini-book edition introduces Tribal Learning and presents the patterns and practices that will help teams become skilled at learning as a group.

(bron: InfoQ)

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