Interview with Jon Burgerman

Jon Burgerman is a UK artist, living in the USA. During my time for Vacuum! Magazine (2004),  I had the chance to ask him a number of questions. Find out more about him through the links below the interview.

Hello Jon. Please, introduce yourself to the Burgerman-loving crowd. Who are you and how do you fill your days?
Jon: Hello, I fill my days with bouts of doodling, snoozing and staring out of the window. Intersperse between these activities is a lot of emailing, trawling of the internet and drinking strong tea.

You have a very pleasant website. In fact, I know a lot of youngsters (as in very young) who really like the idea too. Have you made the website yourself completely?
Jon: Over the last few years I’ve been piecing it together with my basic knowledge of Flash. It’s got a bit out of hand and has taken on a life of it’s own – sometimes I check it to see if anything’s changed before remembering I’m the one who has to update it. I’m glad people like it, it’s hopefully a fun and enjoyable way to take a peek at my work and pass a few minutes.

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Interview with Gideon Baws (RIP 2008) from Shynola

Old interview (2004) with Gideon Baws for vacuum! magazine. Gideon was one of 4 persons that started Shynola. Shynola is a UK based creative collective. Unfortunately, Gideon passed away in 2008, but he leaves a number of very fine creations behind.

Hello Gideon! Please enlighten us. Who are you and what is your purpose on this planet?
Gideon: If I knew that, I would be more successful. I make videos, and so far it looks like that is what I am good for. Though I can cook ok too…

What’s a Shynola?
Gideon: A four headed contrary video excreting mammal.

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An English breakfast!

Stevig ontbijt

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Wat eet je als ontbijt wanneer je in hartje Londen zit? Een Engels ontbijt, tiens!

  • 2 stukken knapperig spek;
  • 2 gebakken eieren;
  • 1 gebakken tomaat;
  • een stevige worst;
  • warme bonen in tomatensaus;

Een normaal mens verklaart me zot, maar eerlijk: dit was absoluut niet slecht! Integendeel. Lekker en stevig. Volgens mij zelfs goed voor mensen op dieet: de rest van de dag heb ik nauwelijks nog gegeten …